Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Sometimes when you have a lot of things nagging at you, the best thing to do is ignore them all.

Here's what I'm ignoring today:

  • Copy for the back cover of an ultrasound physics book.
  • Headlines for five brochure concepts yet to be concepted.
  • Unpaid bills.
  • Unbalanced checkbooks.
  • Unvacuumed rugs.
  • Unlaundered laundry.

    Because after all, it's Creativity Week in Creative Services! Yesterday we looked at close-up photographs of various surfaces and tried to imagine what they might be. Monday we ate Jello molded into the shape of a brain. Today we had a homework assignment – bring in 5 to 10 photos of yourself growing up, and refrain from wearing a skirt. I'm a little nervous about what the connection may be.
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