Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Want to see a really blurry picture of me in the new summery sweater I finally finished knitting?

Well okay! Here you go:

Caliente top

I finished it at about 6:57 this morning and was so excited to wear it and post a picture that I used my little camera phone, which normally takes much better pictures than this. But hey, it was early and little camera phones need to wake up slowly and perhaps have a cup of black coffee and a banana before they can be expected to perform.

I'm calling it "Caliente" because all the best knitting patterns have exotic names, and this one is knit with a yarn color called Fiesta so it clearly wants to party with the Mariachis.

Hey, chica – do you recognize it? This was one of the skeins of yarn you gave me on my birthday! I liked it so much I bought three more skeins.

And then I found myself on a blisteringly hot school bus filled with fourth-graders on their way to an Art Museum field trip, seated next to one of those sticky, needy kids who gloms onto parents and pummels them with anecdotes. It was either listen to this kid drone on about her pet hamster for 45 minutes or quickly devise an escape via yarn. Thus was born the idea to cast on 200 stitches and simply start knitting.

I posted a pattern for it over at Craftster because obviously I have too much time on my hands.


Gary said...

Oooh. Look at the hottie.

FP said...

Caliente, indeed! It's excellent! It's very J-Lo, but much swankier! You should write out the pattern and submit it to Knitty! Exclamation point!

Mindy said...

The moms I knew when I was in 4th grade so didn't have the hot little bod you've got....cute sweater too!