Thursday, April 27, 2006

sunflower sproutlets

sunflower sproutlets
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Why, hello there little Sunflowers!

Although I told my dad I was going to plant them straight into the ground, I found this little peat starter kit stashed away in the shed, so Gertrude and all the kids in the neighborhood helped me poke them into the neatly prepackaged dirt on Saturday. This is what they look like Thursday morning, all snug inside my little plastic greenhouse.

This weekend, I'm probably going to break ground on my next overly ambitious gardening project. I'm moving the garden into the middle of our back yard, away from the fenceline shared by my neighbor's weirdly exotic flowers and roses.

There will be rustic wooden fencing and a stone path. Because I don't know how to plan reasonable projects, apparently.

Does anyone want to help me build one of these?


Sachi said...

Hi there. Looks like your sunflowers are off to a great start!

Be sure to tear off the netting if you can. While it doesn't make a huge difference, it could potentially stunt the growth in the early days and we wouldn't want yours to be shorter than Dad's now, would we?

Sachi said...

Er... that is... tear off the netting when they're ready to go in the ground. Also, if you really make sure the ground is loose downward and sideways from where you're planting, it might give the roots an opportunity to seriously take off faster than normal. ;-)

Dr. Brown Baer said...

Ms Weasel, after examining your pictures, I felt it necessary to warn you that those are not sunflower sprouts, those are carnivorous dandelions and you should immediately stomp the bejesus out of them before they spread and then plant your seeds in the ground honestly and not rely on Petes' starter kits and greenhouses and other lurid gardening tricks. Also, your father, who plants his seeds like countless generations of farmers before him in the virgin soil of mother earth and doesnt rely on cheap growing tricks, could build your arbor.He is a very talented as a woodworker.