Friday, October 27, 2006

Still feeling a bit gloomy and under the weather this morning, I packed my inner child a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and a bag of chips for lunch.

(I stopped just short of filling a thermos with chocolate milk, mainly because I cannot be trusted to promptly rinse out a thermos, and have you ever experienced anything more disgusting than old milk in a thermos? I don’t believe I have.)

When I zipped open the lunchbox just now, it smelled like Lunch! There’s some kind of chemical reaction that occurs whenever this particular combination of food sits together in a confined space for several hours, and it has the power to reach deep into your brain and transport you back to elementary school.

On gloomy days like today, though, my mom would sometimes pack me a thermos of vegetable beef soup.

(I'm realizing now how repulsive THAT must have been to clean out. I can't help but feel even more loved.)


Anonymous said...

the eloquence with which you express the simplest of feelings continues to impress me.

Foxylady said...

Oh! I totally know how you feel. I was thinking about my own inner child on Wednesday when I wasn't feeling well. I packed a ham and cheese sandwich, a pear, some Pub snack mix I got from Costco and a juice box with Grover on it. I even drew a little smiley face on my napkin like my mom used to do. When lunchtime rolled around I felt I was back in the fourth grade.

Memories and feelings like that can't help but make the body feel just a little bit better. I hope you are getting better. ^_^

J Money said...


Not once did I ever get soup.

Lucinda said...

Your post brings back memories. My mother used to pack me a thermos with yummy warm food or soup for school in the winter too.