Thursday, September 27, 2007

Simon Says

Simon Says is the best game ever.

I say to Gertrude: "Simon says... go put your pajamas on!"

And she fricking does it!

How long can I make this work?

The other night, she was in the bathtub fooling around as usual. I told her to please wash her hair. She said no. I told her, "Simon says, put some shampoo on your hand..."

She grabbed the shampoo bottle and happily squeezed some into her hand.

"Now scrub it into your hair!"

She paused, grinning, looking at me expectantly.

"Simon says scrub it into your hair!" I amended. She proceeded to scrub happily.

"Simon says..." I began. Gert sat there, with her head full of bubbles and her soapy hands held out in front of her, waiting for instructions.

I said, "... lick your hands!"

Gert's eyes got big and wide.

"I'M KIDDING!" I said.

I know. It was mean. But it was funny.


Octopus Knits said...

Oh, that is hilarious! I'll have to remember that technique.

Ilix said...

Sweet, way to work the system!

Devorah said...

The answer is ... it will last long beyond the point where it is cute anymore and way beyond where it trails into annoying. *g* Keeping enjoying it while it is still cute.

Sachi said...

Heehee! I am totally going to pull that some day.