Thursday, March 21, 2002

I could be a computer programmer if I wanted to be. (See? I put a counter on my page!)

Except for things like, well, math and logic. There's a part of me who thinks she's good at math and logic, but most of the time she's busy getting her teeth kicked in by various other parts of me who feel the need to put the little wanna-be in her place. So right now she's huddled in a corner sucking her thumb and humming bits of tuneless songs whilst twirling a strand of hair between her fingers.

It's the little things that convince me I'll never get a grasp on computer science. Like, for example, my bookmarks have disappeared. I don't know how or why, they were just there one moment and gone the next. The really sad part is that I’m not even going to try to figure it out. I’m just going to re-bookmark all my pages and pretend it never happened until it happens again. I’m the person who thinks that when something’s wrong with your computer, restarting it will fix everything.

The magical data fairies will race through the machine while it’s rebooting, restoring lost files and rebuilding mutilated code! And then I squeeze my eyes real tight and clap my hands three times, and it’s all fixed.

The help desk here thinks I’m a real fruit. I recently put a sign up that says: Is that dust on my keyboard or are the fairies just happy to see me?

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