Monday, July 26, 2004

This weekend we finished unpacking.

Yes, I know we moved into the house more than a year ago. Shut up.

We also cleaned out the garage.

I've decided to paint the living room red, and it shall be fabulous.

Four of my tomato plants have blossoms.

Yes, I know I was supposed to plant them in April, not July. I get it.

The dog ate:

  • A ballet shoe
  • A stuffed animal
  • Some base board
  • A mauve colored pencil
  • Several paper napkins
  • Part of a rug

    I finished knitting my first-ever knit hat.

    I wore it in public.

    I wore a knit hat out to walk the dog around the block in July.

    Boy, was I sassy.

    Anonymous said...

    A year?? We have boxes of stuff in our garage that we haven't touched since we hauled them out of the basement of our last place when we moved here three years ago.....


    Drama Queen said...

    We moved in here three years ago and I just got the boxes cleared this past January. That was only because it was a surprise for Gorgeous when he came home. We've been married 5 years and moved around quite a bit, but this is the first place we ever lived where all the boxes were unpacked. It only took you a year to unpack and you have two kids? Hell, I didn't know that was possible so quickly.

    Gary O'Brien said...

    It's my fault. I keep nothing except for books, CDs and grudges. I clean out our storage at least once a year. As I'm cussing and complaining about carrying boxes that should be unpacked. It also helps that we recently decided that a year with an empty living room has been enough. So we put the stuff we unpacked from the garage in the living room. It's nice having a snow shovel on hardwood floors.

    Plus she and her oldest daughter have a genetic disposition towards keeping EVERYTHING.

    And now, this evening, I'm going to be beaten.

    Thumper said...

    I have boxes that haven't been unpacked for 5-6 moves. Like 18-20 years.

    Ya think it's stuff I can live without by now...?