Thursday, July 08, 2004

On behalf of my entire female household, I would like to thank FP for showing us the proper procedure for “casting on.”

By this I mean knitting.

Our house has been completely taken over by knitting. I’m knitting. Oldest is knitting. Youngest is pretending she’s knitting with her own pair of “knitting noodles.” The three of us sit on the couch after dinner like a church group, wiggling our needles and unwinding yarn while Husband shakes his head at us.

We knit in front of the TV. We knit in the car. I knit on my lunch hour.

When I’m not knitting, I’m thinking about knitting.

When I’m working, I think about how much I’d rather be knitting.

We’ve got it bad over here.

So I've been knitting the same three-inch wide piece of fabric for a while now. It's getting long. I can't tell you how satisfying that is. Husband finally broke down and asked me what exactly I was trying to make.

"A long thing," I said.

Oldest has decided to knit a long thing also.

We have dubbed them our snuffleupaguses.

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Anonymous said...

I love knitting! I picked it up about 7 months ago and can’t get enough of it. Do yourself a favor and buy “Stitch and Bitch”. It’s an instructional book with tons of hip patterns like a kitty-ear hat, skull sweater, umbilical cord baby hat, etc. Welcome to the obsession.