Tuesday, March 28, 2006

blue lace sweater

blue lace sweater
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What I Did Over Spring Break

1. Cleaned up other people's vomit
2. Finished this really cute and comfy lacy sweater!

This morning I handed the camera to my husband and said, "Here, document my accomplishment." He tried to take a picture of the sweater, but as you can see it's actually a picture of my boobs, and for that I apologize. They were already crabby because it was 7:30 in the morning and they were like, "WTF, man! Flash that shit somewhere else."

But the sweater was really quick and fun, and it only used 3.5 skeins of this yarn, so I might make something similar out of it for Matilda.


Gary said...

You were wearing a sweater? That's why you wanted me to take the picture?

Carole said...

Very cute! The sweater...that is. I cannot believe how quickly you finished it! You rock!

Tanya Lee said...

I love that sweater! What pattern did you use? Or did you design it yourself? Great job!
--a craftster reader
...and sorry if my headshot comes with this comment--I wish it wouldn't follow me around :)

Anonymous said...

I also found your blog from crafster and think this sweater is gorgeous. I would love to know where you found this pattern.