Friday, March 17, 2006


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A few months ago I attempted my first baby blanket for a friend about to enter fatherhood. I thought this pattern was cool, it's called a Pinwheel blanket and it's knit in the round from the center outward with a spiral of increases. There was something very zen about the shape and construction, so I used a really wonderful organic cotton in two natural dyed earth tones.


Round things are just inherently soothing.


entrelac said...

That has got to be one of the most gorgeous pinwheel blankets I've seen, and I've looked at several. (I'm considering making one. For...someone. I don't know who yet.)

I really really LOVE the way the twisted stitches give it a unique texture. :)

Diana said...

I agree. Cookies are round. :)

red fish said...

I LOVE it! Where did you get the pattern?

Squeaky Weasel said...


The pattern is here. There are about a million versions of it floating around Craftster, which is where I first saw it.

Sachi said...

That is WONDERFUL! Well done!

red fish said...

Thanks for the pattern! It is on my list to make when I finish one of my current projects. I love knitting in the round :)

Horse Power said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful colors.