Thursday, March 08, 2007

Skirts and 'blades

Matilda and I went up to school last night to pick up her straight-A's report card and gaze admiringly at a few of her paintings hanging around school in the school art show.

After the requisite gazing time, I announced, "Come on, sister. Let's go buy you an "A" Present!"

The "A" Present in our house is a little educational incentive that is sometimes paid out in cash per A, or plunked down as a lump purchase on a toy or gizmo. PS, I know there's debate about whether paying for grades is correct parenting or not, but when you have a child who happily does homework on Saturday mornings and busily works ahead through all her extra challenge work, you've really got to show your approval of that somehow.

For us, last night, that meant rollerblades.

And as Matilda was trying on every single pair in the local Sports Authority, she told me she thought it was funny that I called her "sister."

Because, she went on, the other day her teacher had asked Matilda if I was her mother... or her sister.

And so that is why I spontaneously purchased a pair of youthful, though somewhat unreasonably expensive, roller blades for myself, as well.

And it also explains why I went out at lunch today and brought home an armload of youthful, ivory cotton gauze with which I will sew myself breezy, youthful skirts and sundresses.

I might just rollerblade past you in a gauzy sundress! Because that makes no sense!


momma-yaya said...

I am neither youthful in appearance nor in spirit lately. And a silly lengthy comment I just attempted was lost. The gist of it was this: I bought gauzy cotton years back and have done nothing with it; I just got my sewing machine repaired; your post has inspired me to make something breezy. Gauze sew-a-thon coming right up.

nottadad said...

being confused as your daughters sister surprises me not at all: your father married his mother-in-laws daughter. So there

Anonymous said...

no problem. I think that is legal in Utah. Or Arkansas.