Friday, April 06, 2007

Pea vs. Sheets, round IXV

It didn't seem like too early to plant two weeks ago when March temperatures were in the 80s. Of course, now that nighttime is dipping into the teens tonight, I'm joining the rest of the neighborhood by tucking my little sproutlets in under a sheet.

Maybe they'll be okay.

These are (were? are?) my snap peas:


And for once, in the epic battle of pea vs. sheets in our house, the sheets came out on top:


I'm apparently the only one around here who finds this funny.


Devorah said...

The sheets wanted to keep the peas warm? /ducking and running *g*

nottadad said...

I knew it!!! I knew that lurking in the cavernous recesses of your hothouse was the spawn of some devil plant that you are raising to vex your poor nottadad, who still labors honestly in the virgin soil of our forefathers. A pox upon your peas! An agrarian pea-pox! I hope they flourish and when you are away on vacation, consume your garden and your 22 lb. cucumbers.And then crawl up your vinyl siding like an obsessed Triffid. While you are away I will plant row upon row of Kudzu in your yard.

Anonymous said...

I know when I'm beat. I'm not planting this year.