Monday, October 15, 2007

The claw fairy

The cat lost a claw, and Gert found it. She held the pointy little whitish thing up to me, pinched between her thumb and finger, for me to identify.

The cat frequently leaves pieces of herself in my bedroom. Usually it's hair, or the contents of her stomach. But occasionally I find whiskers and claws too. I assume this is normal.

When I explained to Gert that Kismet must have lost a claw, she got very excited. She immediately ran to her room and put the claw under her pillow.

"Um," I hedged. "I don't think that works for claws..."

But Gert was undeterred. When Matilda walked into the room, Gert ran up to her to share her news.

"Kismet lost a claw!" she exclaimed. "And I put it under my pillow. For the Claw Fairy!"

Matilda looked at me, and we both started struggling to stifle laughter.

"Well—" Matilda choked. "I guess maybe some sort of fairy might come..."

I knew she was picturing the same thing I was. A horrifying, demon-spawn devil of a fairy with claws for hands and fangs for teeth, wild hair, and soul-less eyes like mirrors of the blackest depths of hell.

I think I know what I'm going to be for Halloween.

P.S., the Claw Fairy did come last night. She left a handful of dry cat food and a note that urged the cat to be kind to the little girl named Gert who loves her so.


Erin H said...

This is going to be the story that gives me the giggles all day.

I am also a finder of strange cat detritus. Now I know just what to do with it.

Devorah said...

Glad to know that there is a claw fairy keeping the tooth fairy, head fairy and foot fairy company. I wonder, is there a scute fairy for turtles?

Anonymous said...

If your real grandfather was there he would have emptied the contents of his 401K and taken out an equity loan and stuffed that under her pillow. How cute!!!!

Sachi said...

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!