Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This morning, I came into Matilda's room and sat down on her bed beside her. She looked at me funny, because I usually try to stay out of her space in the mornings. (She has a very tentative relationship with waking up, and most human contact throws the delicate balance into chaos.)

"Congratulations," I told her.

"Why?" She was suspicious.

"We've decided to offer you a promotion."


I went on, my voice rising with enthusiasm. "We'd like you to take on the role of Senior Daughter. You'll receive a new title with an additional set of tasks and responsibilities, but with no appreciable pay increase. And we'll also ask you to take the bulk of the blame whenever things don't run smoothly around here."

"Um... okay...?"

I stood up and reached out to shake her hand. "Well done, M!"

She still has no idea what happened.

By the way, I have a new sweater! Here she is, Vernik Avery's Silver Streak from the current Vogue Knitting (it's one of the free cover patterns, here).

Silver Streak

Details on Ravelry! (apologies to the non-users -- that link will work as soon as the site's live, I swear!)


Laura said...

Yeah, I'm totally beginning to feel left out of the Ravelry thing, though to be honest I'm not enough of a knitter to deserve access to it. Boo hoo, I really want that sweater, too. What kind of yarn?

Squeaky Weasel said...

It's not the greatest yarn, it's Utopia acrylic. But it's warm!

Teri said...

What a nifty promotion. I've heard of those. In this building.

Devorah said...

If I'm a bit sharper then M, then congratulations are in order. When is her promotion expected to effect?