Thursday, December 20, 2007

A week of 90 percents

How is my Christmas shopping? 90 percent completed! Christmas knitting? 90 percent! Copy on my desk that I have to turn over before noon today? 90 percent! Everything's at 90 percent.

That just means I've been completely buried by the other tens. It's kind of a problem, because once something gets to about 90 percent done in my head, I just go on and mentally check it off the list.

This morning I'm trying to do a full day's worth of my old job so I can devote the afternoon to figuring out what I'm supposed to be doing in my new job after next week. My door is shut so that when my head explodes I won't spray matter at anyone. No that it matters (ha ha) because most folks have already left town for the holidays.

90 is starting feel like good enough for most of it, don't you think? Except the knitting.


Anonymous said...

its like a home improvement project. It takes 90% of the time to complete 90% of the task, and the remaining 10% of the task takes 90%


Heatherly said...

finally got my weasel posted on ravelry :-)

under yarnyenta