Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Underpants demystified

Gertrude's kindergarten teacher has had just one area of concern: no matter how many times it was explained it to her, she just couldn't keep straight which coins were pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

(However, she knows the PIN to my checking account.)

So we've been giving Gert a handful of coins each week and letting her shop with them so she gets a sense of what the coins mean.

Gert likey the shopping.

With a Target gift card her babysitter gave her, she shopped for the perfect pink purse and a wallet. In it, she keeps her Cotton Candy Chapstick, Bubble Tape, Ring Pops, and all her other change-driven thrill purchases. This purse has become Gert's lifeline and primary reason for leaving the house.

I took Gert and her purse to the mall with the promise of a Cinnabon because we needed a girl's day out and I needed her to try on some pants. Of course, I got sidetracked by $4 clearance shirts at Old Navy, so Gert sat on the floor and counted her change while I rooted through racks.

"Hey mom, what's this?"

I looked down, and Gert was holding up a very alarming pink satin and lace thong.

I very much wanted her to stop touching it.

"It's just underwear," I said. "Just put it down."

"WHAT?" said Gert in disbelief. "This is NOT underwear! HOW is this underwear? Where does it go? I don't get it!"

"Just. Put. It. Down," I repeated.

"But where did it come from? I don't see any other underpants around here. Did part of it fall off? What does this tag say?"

I exhaled. "Please trust me on this one," I said. "It's just very skinny underwear. I swear to you."

Gert was quiet for a long time. Then she announced, "Oh, I get it. This part is where you put the vagina!"

"Please give it to me," I said, holding out my hand.

"Hold on." Gert opened her purse and unzipped her wallet. "I think I have enough money to buy it."


Anonymous said...

ah, for the good old days when kids called a peep by its proper name...peep.

Cathi said...

So awesome. Thank you for this post.

Michelle said...

I think kids have radars that go off any time they're discussing something that you can't yell about in public. Did she buy the skinny undies?

Heather said...

I stumbled across your blog by linking and I must say that I am LMAO!!! And today I really needed a good laugh. Do, did Gert ever get the pink thong? Just curious.....still laughing.

Gary said...

As Gert's Daddy I must admit that I am amazed that you posted just blank white after the phrase "while I rooted through racks." Everyone else seems to see something about thongs, even if they are standing right next to me but I swear it is all blank.

Oh, look, puppies and rainbows!

Squeaky Weasel said...

No, thankfully Gert decided not to buy them. But on the way to the checkout she did notice a big display of similar undies and shouted, "Hey, Mommy, I found the rest of them! THAT'S where that underwear came from!" So now everyone in Old Navy thinks I have a penchant for skanky underpants.

sarahkate said...

Best blog post I've read all week. Go Gert!

Devorah said...

Gotta love them! Thanks for the smile.