Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Potential Break-Up Blog

I don't ever seem to have time for you. And you're lonely. You feel like the last priority on my list. I get that. I know you're reading other blogs, and I don't blame you. I want you to be happy. I guess the kindest thing to do would be to walk away. But I keep telling myself this is just a temporary thing. Things will calm down and the job will stop being crazy so maybe we can both go back to the way it was. This blog can be good again! I still believe I can make you want to read me. But I know that's just a fantasy. Deep down I know you can't make someone read you. It's not you, it's me. I just can't let go.

This post started out funny, but I think I creeped myself out a little. Now I don't want to look in the mirror because I'm probably watching me.


Tora said...

You might just need some time away from each other.. Take a break, and come back in three months if you feel like it. You must take care of your children even if you one day just want to be alone, but you don't have to do that with a blog. Blogging should be for fun.

Good luck!

Heather said...

I am sure it isn't you, its me. I don't make you feel loved, I don't say the right things.....LOL!

We all deserve a break every now and again. Don't feel guilty for not blogging, just do it when it feels right.

Hope to see you around soon!!

Gary O'Brien said...

Now that you won't be spending so much time blogging, wanna hang out? Get a cup of coffee?

Anonymous said...

considering all the laughter and smiles you have brought to the great unwashed masses, you deserve a break. You can retire as the reigning chatmeister.
Loving nottadad

Knifty Knitter said...

I think many of us go through "blog breaks." Just because you're on hiatus doesn't mean you can't come back next season! Lol :)