Sunday, February 24, 2008

The weasels are free! (watch your feet)

Since April of last year, the Adopt a Weasel event has generated a respectable number of donations for the MS Foundation from both pattern sales and weasels. If you are among those nice people who contributed, THANK YOU! I really, really do appreciate your generosity.

Now I feel like it's time to set the weasels free.

If you look over to the right under the Free Patterns section, you'll see a link to the PDF for the baby weasel pattern and his larger cousin, the beanie weasel. Both are available through the cool, new Ravelry pattern store, which I hope you can access even if you're not in Ravelry yet. (If you're not, and you can't, just drop me a note in the comments and I'll gladly send you the patterns you need.)

P.S. Update on the TMJ issue... I have dislocated cartilage in one of my jaw joints. So no surgery needed (yay!) but if I ever want to chew food again I need to splint it with a mouthguard that is inexplicably not covered by insurance. Thanks for hanging with me through the drama, and now I promise to stop talking about it. Let's all knit weasels instead!


Anonymous said...

My mouthguard was not covered by insurance either. My dentist sent a letter to the insurance co explaining all of the problems I was going to have if I did not get the mouthguard (those problems were covered but would cost the insurance alot more money). The insurance co. decided to pay 50% of the mouthguard.

Heather said...

cute! I agree let's all knit weasals!!!

ugh, I hate when stuff isn't covered. Like the spacer the Chicken needs with her inhaler...why won't they cover the spacer...she needs it to use her inhaler! Sorry didn't mean to gripe in your blog...I do do that a lot though, don't I....*giggle*

Michelle said...

Thanks for your efforts regarding MS, my sister in law was diagnosed about 12 years ago and has been gradually getting worse. It is hard to see the suffering with no cure in site, she has been using experimental drugs with not so good results and my brother has to give her shots everyday. She can’t tolerate much anymore and now has to walk with a cane which she is told will progress to not being able to walk at all and she no longer allowed to drive because of the unexpected black out spells. So my family sais thank you!