Friday, February 01, 2008

Elf feet!

If you are as much of a nerd about these things as I am, or even if you're not, you have to agree that this is the most adorable footwear I've ever put on the feet of my children.

Elf feet from Laura

Elf feet from Laura

They're knitted and felted elf slippers, handmade by momma-yaya. They are absolutely perfect. It's like they were molded and custom tailored to my kids' feet. They're warm, and soft, and lightweight. I can't get Gert to even wear socks around the house, but she lives in these slippers.

I highly recommend that you order a pair of elf feet for your own kids (or yourself!) over at momma-yaya's etsy shop!

So cute! I love them!


Heather said...

love the elf slippers....I need to go and check those out!!

Lunasea said...

Oh, those are SO much cuter than SpongeBob slippers!

4rx said...

these elf sleepers are incredible good and beautiful of course the color are perfect