Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This morning I met with an oral surgeon about my jaw, which provided shockingly little insight.

Here's pretty much how it went.

Him: So what seems to be the trouble?

Me: I'm having some trouble with my jaw. The side of my face hurts, and it feels like something is pulling when I try to open my mouth.

Him: Let's take a look. Can you open your mouth for me? You're not opening very wide. Are you usually able to open wider than that?

Me: Um. No. That's kind of the problem.

Him: Do you chew a lot of gum?

Me: No. I don't really ever chew gum. But I tend to clench my teeth a lot.

Him: So you don't chew a lot of gum?

Me: No.

Him: Hard bagels? Candy?

Me: Not really.

Him: Have you been in an accident recently where you would have had any trauma to your jaw?

Me: No.

Him: Do you chew a lot of gum?

I'm going in for an MRI later this week because apparently I don't chew enough gum.


Wendy said...

Geez, sounds like the doc needs to see an ear doctor. How irritating.

Sachi said...

So, seriously. How hard did you smack him?

I had a friend who chewed a lot of gum. He developed a hearing problem because of his gum chewing. (I'm serious.) The muscles in his jaw became so enlarged that they closed off his ear canals. It went away with a few weeks of not chewing but I'm thinking your surgeon might have the same affliction.

Heather said...

Good gravy....are you sure he graduated from the special school you need to go to to get the oral surgeon status. Because if the diploma on his wall is in crayon....he probably made it himself!

But seriously...I hope you don't have to go back to this quack if they find something on your MRI. He sounds like the edgit that wouldn't send me to anyone for my back...he said are you sure you have back pain...but you are so young... You're tall, maybe your muscles are just too stretched....UGH! I finally got a referral and found out I have fibro! Okay, I need to step down off my stool, or I could be here a while.....