Friday, September 01, 2006

Once upon a time (nearly a year ago, in fact), you all helped me pick out some Mermaid-colored yarn for the 2nd Mystery Shawl knitalong:

Mystery Shawl Yarns!

I started knitting it on some priceless handmade wooden needles crafted by yaya. Here's the little guy just starting to spread out:

Mystery Shawl - Clue 1 done

After this point it was pretty slow going:

Mystery Shawl 2 - Clue #2 completed!

And many, many months later, after lots of giving up and modifications of the original edge pattern, the Modified Mermaid Mystery Shawl broke free of the needles and climbed up into the sun to stretch and spread its lace in repose.

Modified Mystery Shawl posing

And see? It works like I assume a shawl is supposed to!

Modified Mystery Shawl modeled


Aunt Murry said...

It's marvelous!

Sachi said...

That is wonderful!

Devorah said...

Beautiful work, wear it well!

red fish said...


momma-yaya said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Must be the needles!

J Money said...

At this juncture, I will now insert a witty pun using the word "shawl."

Gee, that SHAWL looks good.

Say it with a crappy southern accent. Get it? Shawl? Sure? Yeah that's all I got.