Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Come on, you know me better than that.

After blocking the living shit out of it (as Sacchi suggested), this is where we were (artistic photo composition and shots, courtesy of Gert the budding photog):

Gert's artistic Capecho composition (with rubber butterfly)

Capecho,post-blocking, still ridiculously huge

There's no getting around it. The capecho, in its current form, flatters no one. Therefore I won't be trying to gift it to any of my fuller figured friends (sorry, Bambi).

But you know I couldn't just walk away.

Capecho Modification #1: The "Cape"-echo

"Cape"-echo, minus the sleeves

I ripped back the ribbing on the sleeves to finish off those pentagons as regular pentagons, resulting in a poofy, cabled caplet.

Then I was found myself faced with the harsh reality that I will no more wear a caplet than I'll wear, well, a capecho.

Stay tuned for Mod #2, in which scissors may play a starring role.

Let the Capecho demolition commence!


Sachi said...

I'm sure Bambi would thank you in the long run.

Don't run with those scissors.

Tora said...

Well.. I,ve just started this project myself, and like everyone else, I have rather high expectations, but now.. I'm not so sure.. It does look quite nice on the dress model, though. Maybe you could just leave it hanging on her?

I do love your work, by the way!