Saturday, February 10, 2007

Norah Gaughan Capecho: Final Decent into Madness

Vogue Gaughan Capecho, finished
Originally uploaded by squeakyweasels.

At least I like the cables on the back. At least it was fun to make.

And at least it's finished.

And... at least I didn't waste good money on expensive yarn.

If you need photographic proof of the complete ridiculousness and disappointment that is this garment, you'll have to find your way to my flickr account.

I'm closing the book on this one.


Cindy said...

It's not an easy looking piece. Kind of cumbersome, but I have to say you are amazing to work on something that looks more complicated than any cables I have ever seen. You finished it and it's a stunning example of cables. All I can say is WOW. Maybe a disappoint as far as wearing, but you should be glowing with pride having finished it.

Sachi said...

I say block the everloving shit out of it and see if you can't get a slightly better fit. Or give it to a friend with really big boobs.... probably someone named Bambi.

Bambi said...

It would look great on me, but how could I tell if I have it on backwards? Will it make my boobs look too big?

Linda said...

I am just finishing mine. I'm happy with it after some modifications. Don't give up! Things looks better longer on me, so I added a row of half-pentagons on the bottem and filled in between with ribbing. Notice that in the first row there are 6 pentagons, second row 5, and if you make a third row (or a half-deep row) it helps draw it in a lot.
I edged it with applied I-cord which draws it in as well. I will have pics soon, after it dries, so
write to if you would like to see it.

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