Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Guess what I'm doing right now.

Did you just say, "Sitting on the couch between a laptop and a pinkeye-infected nine-year-old, trying to ignore the cartoons on TV long enough to write back cover copy for fundamentals book on maternal-newborn nursing"?

Wow. You'd be right.

Yesterday I tricked my fever-stricken daughter into eating a banana. I came into the living room with a banana in hand. "Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. Bananaphone," I said, and handed her the banana. She actually answered it.

And now she's irritated with me because it's been stuck in her head ever since. I'm just irritated because typing on the laptop makes me cranky. The dog is irritated because I'm sitting here not playing ball with him.

The only one seemingly not irritated is the cat, who really doesn't give a shit.


Gary said...

I still like this one best.

Frecklehead said...

Found your blog via your husband's (and his via Poppymom's...what a wonderful little ring we're all forming. :) )

Laptops are created by the devil himself...I believe that having an annoying laptop is worse than having an annoying computer...because with the laptop you're just ten times more tempted to throw the damn thing across the room. :)

I enjoy your blog!!