Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Since I'm sick and the baby is sick (someday I'll stop calling her that – maybe when she's 40), I'm most amused right now by cuteness.

Whenever Gert means to say Lincoln Logs, she calls them "Lincoln dogs," and I am never going to correct her on that. Because what's cuter than a little, brown, log-shaped puppy in the palm of an earnest three-year-old's hand?

It's just about as cute as her insistence that our neighborhood swimming pool is called "the fwimmin cool." It makes sense, right?

I've also learned that it's great fun in the winter to overfill the bathtub, put a swim suit and flotation device on her, and let her relive her summer's glory while I sit on the can and knit.

I don't really knit on the can. That would be gross.

But I could.

If I wanted to.


Rebecca said...

Feel better soon! There are some nasty bugs going around this year.

Drama Queen said...

i hope this doesn't post twice. Blogger has been acting up lately.

Ohhh, that's cute. I love those odd things kids come up with.

My girls have problems with the “st” sound. They use the D sound instead. This has lead to hours of fun lately.

They found a stick in the yard and so they said things like:

My (I) have a big dick.

My (I) holding my dick.

The cat has my dick.

Inspired by their creative pronunciation, I taught them to quote a proverb that Teddy Roosevelt loved so dearly. Their version of it, however, is much funnier than anything Roosevelt ever quoted.

Speak softly and carry a big dick.