Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's Saturday. It's raining. Gert is asleep, covered with an angry, itchy rash that is apparently a reaction to amoxicillin. Gary is napping (we were both up all night with an itchy child). Matilda is out ice skating with biodad. I, after the third unraveled attempt at a braided cable, have decided it's time for a milk and cookies break. And yes, that does make it better.

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momma-yaya said...

As the mother of the former World's Champion Itchy Child, I offer this advice to you regarding itchiness: Baking soda in the bath. Something like a cup of baking soda in the bath will not make the rash disappear, but in my experience it softens the skin and provides a nice respite from the itch. You can dump in more than a cup, no harm done, the water will feel funky and different. Follow the bath up with a favorite moisturizer on the damp child (I recommend Cetaphil, but it's the only kind the allergic one can use) and the rash will soon understand that YOU are in charge. Baking soda baths, by the way, are the cure-all for all things icky in a person's life. They take away the pain of bladder/urinary tract infections too, and it also works on little boy parts. Baking soda in the bath also helps bean sprouts grow, and makes your thumbs green. It causes world peace for the entire time you are bathing, and if you perchance mistakenly sip a bit of it any upset stomach you had is eliminated. Good luck.