Wednesday, January 17, 2007

test swatchin'

I've been knitting!

I made a test swatch of the orange and pink, which silly youngest daughter volunteered to model for me. The pink, as you can see, makes a passable hat, but the orange is far more pose-worthy.


And then there were four.

4th pentagon

Meanwhile, I've been in search of the perfect solution to cold keyboarding hands, and I believe these are the answer. They are the Perfect Office Gloves:

Lace office gloves

I have about a million pairs of fingerless gloves, but none accomplish the objective quite as well as these. They're slim and lightweight but warm. They're pretty without drawing undo attention to themselves, and they blend right in under any sleeves or jacket. They travel effortlessly from typing to filing to jotting down notes in meetings. Best of all, I can forget I have them on and they don't bother me in the least while I'm typing.

If anyone's interested in a pattern, I think I could put one together from the notes I kept. The lace is Melanie Berney's interpretation of the stitch for her Snowflake socks which are themselves so perfect and graceful I could cry.


Sachi said...

Oh, PLEASE post a pattern for those gloves! Yummy!!!!!

And hooray for the progress on those motifs! Can't wait to see it with sleeves and such! And I obviously like exclamation points!!!!!

TheYarnKnotzi said...

I second the request for a pattern. Those gloves are LOVELY!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I had to de-lurk and beg that you give up the pattern for those lovely gloves. I am so cold at work my fingers actually go numb, and the Fetching mitts, whilst lovely, don't quite keep my poor hands warm enough. Hooray! Thanks too for your awesome blog. Love it! Sarah in Florida (yes, we too need glove patterns here in our tropical paradise)