Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Inevitably, when I take out my knitting in a public place, the person next to me will say, "I've always wanted to learn to knit!"

I have no response to that. Here are a few of the things I've said in the past that I don't think are quite right:

"That's nice."

"You should! It's fun."

"I did too, so I learned."

"I love it. Once I got started I couldn't stop."

"Beats smoking crack."

I'm not trying to be deliberately antisocial, but it's hard to have a conversation about something when the other person has a limited frame of reference. I have the same problem when someone comments on a book I'm reading.

They'll ask what I'm reading, I'll tell them, and they might say, "Oh! I've always wanted to read that."

Um, okay. Then... do it?

Do I just not understand how to carry on my side of that conversation?

My favorite non-exchange is when someone asks me what I'm making. I'm not sure if they expect a complete knitted sweater to drip off the needles, cartoon-style, or what. But if I say it's a sweater, they'll spend the next fifteen minutes squinting at it sideways –- is that the neck? Is it a sleeve? Is it a sweater for a manta ray?

I really need to start knitting nutsacks.

No! These! What is wrong with you?


pam said...

I wish people would refrain from trying to make "stranger-talk" with me in general. I truly am a "Boston Girl". Leave me the hell alone! ;)

Sachi said...

I usually tell people that most yarn stores give lessons. If they're serious about learning, they'll ask me more. If they're not, they'll back away slowly.

Or I tell them that I'll teach them at $20 an hour and they run for the hills.

Brena said...

"Beats smoking crack."... I'll have to remember to use that one. I wear headphones just about everywhere, deliberately being antisocial. :)

Defenistration before dishonor said...

reminds me of Pierre Salinger asking Jack Kennedy if the shots he took for back pain hurt...JFK jabbed him in the leg with the needle...not all poems are written with the pen

djeh_b said...

The upgrade is nice--very clean looking. Any chance of getting the St. Louis Knits ring link back up?

Squeaky Weasel said...

The St. Louis Knits ring is up and running, it's over there under "people"!

Maria said...

I um...have always wanted to learn how to knit.

Actually, someone tried to teach me once and declared me "unknitworthy." I guess I will stick to books...:)