Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This is me...


And these are the three lucky yarns from my stash who are Still In The Running toward becoming Norah Gaughan's cover sweater on this issue of Vogue Knitting.


But which one? The dark chocolate brown would be very classic and versatile and warm. The salmon pink is so sweet and feminine. But the pumpkin orange is so spicy and playful. Which one most deserves to be made into this fantastic piece of sweater art?

I can't decide. What would you do?


Angela said...

Orange! Orange!
(I just tried to order bright orange yarn for the Arwen sweater in Interweave Knits. Unfortunately, the company I ordered from only had TWO skeins left. I'm much larger than two skeins.)

Put me down for an orange vote.

Carole said...

Second that on the orange. Spicy pumpkin yumminess--cannot go wrong with that. Second place would be brown with pink way behind that.

By the way, that model freaks me out a bit--so pale and frail and does she even have any eyelashes? Her eyes remind of those rather creepy dolls with the blinking lids that sort of roll back and forth in their heads as you tip them to and fro.

TK said...

Since I see you on a daily basis and know your wardrobe, I would go with the brown. I think it would be very versatile and totally complement your new hair color.

Anonymous said...

The colors all look the same to me, but I feel a few comments about that glamorous model are in order. Seldom does an artisan go to the time and expense to employ a professional model for a blog posting and I am struck by the intrinsic beauty and depth of character this woman exudes.As I gaze into the photo I am reminded of the classic beauties you see captured in fine sculpture, like a Venus or a Diana.And if want that Carole person dealt with I have Guido's phone number in my Rolodex.I'm thinking maybe a kneecap ought to be appropriate. Posted by someone who appreciates beauty and worth as a human being.

lori said...

I love the brown. But I am not a girly girl, so that takes out the pink right away. Orange is a close second.

norah said...

Why not wool - or a cotton acyric blend?
It will be so so so much prettier

and I think chocolate brown is gorgeous

Squeaky Weasel said...

I would love it if I had some cotton/acrylic to use for this... But these are my best stashbusting options.

You know what? I'm going with the orange. I did a swatch of the pink in the cable pattern and it's nice but I think it reminds me of an afghan. As in the blanket, not the nationality.

Also please, if we start breaking kneecaps the eyelashless models will win.