Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Holding perfectly good yarn hostage since 1930

I finally came to terms and liberated the yarn from this gauge disaster:

Knitty's 1930 bra & panties, in progress

Still love the pattern. Still love the yarn. After two years of trying to make it work, it was time to admit that they just aren't right for each other.

Meh. I have a migraine.

My choice between migraine pills seems to be:

A. Nausea-inducing headache
B. Nausea a la carte
C. Brain-numbing drowsiness

I usually opt for C, take a gigantic wad of cotton batting, and stuff it in and around the crevices of my brain.

(Nobody better say one single word about Grandma's Lye Soap on this post, I freaking mean it.)

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