Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday wisdom

Sometimes, when you buy a can opener from Everything's $1, you get a bargain.

Other times, you get a can of soup only halfway opened and gash in your thumb from trying to pry open the jagged edge of the lid.

And then, as you're standing in front of the microwave with your bleeding thumb in your mouth, watching your bowl and its contents lazily circle the perimeter, you realize.

All that for vegetable soup.


Nottadad said...

In your fathers' tool box that you rejected was an item called a pliers. It can be used to safely peel a lid from a can, thereby sparing your valuable knitting fingers. Besides, I thought everything you cooked was homemade.

Gary O'Brien said...

Or she could have put Grandma's Lye soap in a sock, twirled it around her head and gone Medieval on the can.

I think that's covered on the label.