Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I love rainy weather so much it makes my fingertips tingle, and no, I'm not being sarcastic. I love everything about it, from the charge it gives the air, to the sound of it, to the feeling of being warm and dry in your own little spot while everything around you is drenched in a downpour.

When we heard that it was supposed to rain nonstop from yesterday afternoon well into tomorrow, Gary worried about water in the basement. I solemnly voiced concern as well, and then I got a little giddy and rummaged around in my closet looking for my coziest rainy-day sweater that I might hole up with somewhere while rain pounds the roof and threatens its structural integrity.

So many things to be concerned about in a rainstorm. Tree limbs could fall. Yards could flood. Basements could leak. And at this time of year it could all quite possibly freeze, causing all kinds of turmoil.

I'm concerned, I am. But… rain! How can you not want to just curl up and listen to it, or daydream about running out in it and splashing through it barefoot, grinning like an idiot?

Gert sat in her bed last night as I was tucking her in, and I pointed out how lovely the sound of the rain was. She started to whimper. "What if there's thunder?" she asked.

"Then you can just come snuggle in bed with me!"

I knew she'd be sound asleep in five minutes and would never hear any thunder unless it was loud enough to wake me up too. Except now I'm thinking the only thing better than laying in bed listening to the rain would be to have a warm, chubby little girl in your arms who feels safer in the rain because you're there.


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet! I like cloudy rainy weather too. Funny you mention leaky basements. The house we are in sprung a leak through a pea-sized hole in the foundation in the basement. Water isn't just running down the wall, it's arcing out in a stream! Maybe I should buy a decorative lion's head with a hole for the mouth and mount it so it looks like a fountain, no?

Enjoy your rainy day. Or flurry day, as the case may be right now.

Lori -

Anonymous said...

I'm late to this party, but I just caught up on your entries for the past 2 weeks and after reading those plus this one, I have to ask if you're my long-lost twin. I too adore the rain and I too am a mother of two who has an odd desire to dye my hair very anti-PTA colors again (yes, I say "again" because I did it back in the day in high school). And the color I'm currently lusting after? Purple. It's the one color I never dyed my hair.

Are you sure we're not related? Wait, my relatives are odd and not in a fun kind of way. So that's probably not it. Tell me your birthday is in late February because you strike me as a sister Pisces. I've been reading here for a year, so I'm sure I've already seen some reference to a birthday and I'm fairly sure it wasn't in February or March, but I'm still holding on to hope. If not then, they what about July? Only Cancers are cooler than Pisces. So maybe you're a Cancer.

-Drama Queen