Monday, January 10, 2005

Stop, you're encouraging me.

I have to report that Phase One of the Fruit Hair Experiment yielded mixed results.

The bottle said "Plum." And the model on the box was sporting fabulous, dark red hair with glossy purple highlights.

I showed the box to Gary (who, by the way, had earned himself 500 Husband Points for secretly cutting out hair color coupons and slipping them into the weekly coupon stack) and he deemed it sassy. It seemed an excellent "baby step" to the bright Jolly Rancher-ish colors I really want.

Shortly before dinner, I informed everyone I was going to be in the bathroom a while. Gert asked why. I told her I was going to take a bath and make my hair change color.

"Oh!" Gert said. "I like to do that sometimes too!"

We were confused, until it occurred to us that dunking your hair in the water does make it appear darker. We praised Gert for the keen observation and she ran off to play, chatting to herself about how sometimes she makes her hair blue, and sometimes she makes her hair orange… She's been hanging out with me too long.

Something I learned: If Mom is going to try to lock herself in the bathroom at 4:45 on a Sunday, EVERY CHILD IN THE HOUSE WILL NEED HER from 4:46 until 5:32 when she finally throws open the door and says, "What???" Then they will all look confused and shrug, and proceed to play contentedly by themselves for the rest of the night.

What I ended up with is not exactly what I would call "Plum." It's more of a warm chestnut brown with hints of red, and in the right light it might lean more toward burgundy. Oh well. It's nice, in a this-just-might-be-someone's-natural-color kind of way, but not very unusual. I should have expected as much from supermarket color.

But that's okay, it's a start.

It makes me want a piercing.


Anonymous said...

Feria's colors are good. I've had mixed results with Manic Panic, but I've got fairly dark hair to start with and I was usually to lazy to bleach it first. The darker N'Rage colors worked fairly well, particularly the purple hues.


kara said...

there's a burgundy looking hydrience color that once turned my hair purple. not the Grepe you're looking for, but it might be a start.

other than that, i tend to use feria a lot. but i stay with mostly reds and browns. :)

Thumper said...

If you want something more funky, now that you have dye in your hair, go swimming.

That did wonders for my dye job :)

kara said...

yes, that should have read "Grape" instead of "grepe".

i'm typing with an injured finger. i'll blame that for the misspell.