Monday, April 04, 2005

I'd like to propose that days of the week be given a different numbering system than weekends. If something is due on April 1 and I get it to you on April 4, for example, it's only one day late. But that's not how it looks on the status report.

This weekend I learned why I am not allowed to bake cakes.

Because I eat them.

I made the cake Friday because Matilda was starting to emerge from marathon puking, and as we were sitting there watching TV, she saw someone pulling a cake out of the oven. And Matilda said, "Cake sounds good!"

When your child has refused to eat or drink anything for three days, as a mother you start to get a little crazy. I pounced on it. "What kind of cake?" I asked. "Do you want icing? What kind of icing? And ice cream? With strawberries? And chocolate milk? And cookies?"

Matilda shrugged and settled back into her ketone-laced food indifference. I, however, now wanted cake almost as much as I wanted her to eat something.

There's something about having a big, fat, fluffy cake in a 9x12 pan sitting in your kitchen all weekend. No matter what you're doing, you're acutely aware of it. It beckons you in from working in the yard just to hack off a chunk of it and shove it in your mouth. It draws attention to itself when you're stacking dishes in the cabinet. You can even hear it calling over the roar of the vaccuum cleaner.

And it seems like no matter how much of the cake you eat, there's still about half the cake left in the pan.

"I had cake for breakfast," Gary confessed yesterday.

"So did I," I said. "And I'm also planning to have cake for lunch."

If it keeps up like this, we might be able to feed several impoverished nations with one cake.

There's a loaves and fishes parallel in here somewhere, but I'm not drawing any grand conclusions.


CaroleG. said...

Must of been some sort of Universal vibe that was sent out...cause I, too, had this overwhelming urge to make cake...and eat it too. This morning I had cake with a nice cold glass of milk for breakfast. Knowing I'm not the only one some how makes me feel better. You know, we can share the shame there's enough to go around. Come on people toss those cereal bowls aside and grab your cake forks!

Drama Queen said...

Cake (with white icing) is my second favorite breakfast food. Only cold Chinese is higher on my list of breakfast goodies.

We haven't made cake in a long time. The husband didn't even want to make one for his birthday. They ordered him one at work, but the evil demons he works with got him a black forrest cake. It may be his favorite, but I hate cherries, so there was no cake for me.

If you still have half of that cake left, send it my way, pretty pretty please.

Thumper said...

Cake does not last in this house. No matter how littel we eat, it's gone before we can blink twice. This is what happens when you have a 22 year old with hollow legs...

blue fish said...

Mmmmm... cake.


landismom said...

cake for breakfast! why haven't I ever thought of that?

Frecklehead said...

One of my favorite Sex & the City moments is when Miranda makes a chocolate cake, tries to throw some of it away, and ends up eating a piece out of the trash can. LOL

It's THAT tempting!

Jessie said...

OoOo cake! That sounds so good mmmmmmm