Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Oh, how I love ordering yarn online. I've only ordered from elann.com and I can't see any reason to ever not order from them because they're so wonderful. Well okay, maybe if I needed a specific type of yarn and they didn't have it… well. That would be a reason. But I digress. Go order something from elann.com right now, you'll see what I mean.

I love coming home and finding a box of yarn in the mail. And then opening it. And feeling it. And making swatches, and unraveling them, and swatching some more. I won't lie. I don't really make proper swatches. I don't do the whole 4x4 washed and dried and properly gauged swatch route. I knit until I get bored, check the gauge, figure that looks about right, and then start a new project.

The problem is actually that I love starting new projects but then I get bored and shove it behind something heavy, like a bookcase.

So yesterday I came home to a fresh box of yarn that I'd ordered for a new baby project. Someone at work is always pregnant. And I love making baby things. So I stashed my current project (that brings the tally to, um, seven half-knitted things stuffed out of sight) and spent the evening playing with the new yarn.

I have no excuse for ordering new yarn, actually. I have an entire room devoted to holding yarn. Don't get too excited, the room is also holding sewing materials, scrapbooking and card making supplies, paint, canvases, etc. This room basically holds a bunch of stuff that keeps the right side of my brain from becoming bored, restless, and destructive. Inner children need art supplies, that's just the way it is. Luckily I have a husband who understands this and doesn't begrudge the extra room being used in such a way. Now that I think about it, the room also houses his "electronics graveyard," which, in a way, also nurtures his own geeky inner child.

Anyway, I ditched knitting group last week due to a school project emergency, but I hope the ditching wasn't contagious to the rest of the group. I'm feeling knitty. And no, I didn't actually mean that as a pun. But these I did:
  • holy knit
  • knit happens
  • knit hits the fan
  • I have to take a knit
  • looks like knit
  • smells like knit
  • they knit all over it
  • are you knitting me?
  • take knit
  • give a knit
  • what is all this knit?

I now open the floor to all you lurking punsters. You know who you are.


Anonymous said...

Get the knit outta Dodge.

What a crock of knit.

Anonymous said...

I got your knit right here...
Knit this.
Your knitting me!