Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I love our IT department, but I have no idea how to talk to them.

We're from different worlds: Me, wanting to describe the many esoteric and substantial ways in which my email's downtime is affecting the quality of my work and, consequently, my fragile mood. And them, desiring only to know when and why the problem occurred, and what I had done to mess things up.

We just can't seem to reach an understanding.

When I call the help desk I want the problem addressed, sure. But what I really want is someone to empathize with me. I want the person on the line to say, "Oh my god, you've been without email for how long? That's ridiculous! How are you even getting any work done? You poor thing. This must really be stressful. I'll open a ticket right this second and send one of the Cute Boys over. And I'll specifically tell him to bring you glazed donuts. And coffee."

Possibly I would like a little metaphorical hand holding and shoulder patting as well.

Instead, they say things like, "Yes, there is a known server issue at your location. Do not worry."

Okay, she did tell me not to worry. At least they seem to be making an effort.


Gary said...

Okay. I can get them over there for you. Here's what you need to say:

"My email is down. Now, I'm not saying that this may be the case, but there's a very good chance that someone who may or may not be named Anet-Jay may or may not be propegating the W97M.Anisc.B virus. At least, that may or may not be the word on the street."

The mere thought that their security may be suspect will be more than they can handle. By the time they figure out you guys are all on Macs and that the virus only impacts Windows machines, your email will be up.

Squeaky Weasel said...

I am so going to try that.