Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Test Pattern

Originally uploaded by squeakyweasels.

The "sample pattern" for the Mystery Shawl has been posted, which I'm supposed to knit so I can determine what gauge is best for the yarn I've chosen.

Must... Not... Panic...

It's only lace. People knit lace all the time. Lace is just one stitch at time. Just have to get the hang of it, that's all.



Anonymous said...

as if knitting lace isn't going to be challenging enough - you have to FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN? Good luck, my friend, good luck.

Lori D

Carole said...

Geeez, when you first started down the creative path of pursuing the hobby of knitting...did you realize that it would come to this...mathematics and charts and test patterns? Holy crap, knitting is not an art it is a science! I claim thee a knitologist! Good luck with the mystery shawl, go get 'em tiger!

Horse Power said...

The Mermaid color you picked for the Mystery Shawl is perfect. (Can't wait to get started tomorrow!)

And that Hush Hush nightgown in the previous post is AMAZING.