Thursday, May 26, 2005

80s flashback

Fashion plates
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Hey, remember Fashion Plates?

Remember the little back crayon that slid longways into that little plastic grip, and how smooth and flat the crayon would get on one edge after a day filled with the rubbing of heads and torsos?

That didn't come out right. But you know what I mean!

I almost squealed when Diana brought out a box of these as I was dropping the kids off at daycare. Maybe I did squeal, I didn't notice. I was instantly immersed in a full-on flashback to my childhood -- I even saw everything around me dissolve into wavy streams and I heard the noonooleenoo flashback music.

Oh, the dainty little lines of the tiniest little detail captured by the side of a crayon, the impossibly lashy eyes, the curves of lace trim on a skirt and the deliberate straight lines that traveled the length of a leg in shorts.

I'm sure I liked to draw before I got my set of Fashion Plates, but it was this toy that got me hooked on it like crack. Fashion Plates is like a sketch on steroids. Behold, a blank piece of paper... and with just the mere flick of a crayon, behold! Exactly the image I had envisioned appears on that blank page.

And that's where the colored pencils came in. Hoo, lordy!


landismom said...

OMG, my daughter has the "Princess" Fashion Plates. I confess I was never lucky enough to own this toy in my own childhood--but my best friend had it, and boy was I jealous!

Frecklehead said...

I HAD THESE!!! Holy cow, I haven't even thought about these things in at least 15 years. Wow.

Rebecca said...

Now way. I had forgotten all about these! Brings back such a fun memory!! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy, does this bring back memories. I got these for Christmas one year and I loved them - played with them all the time! Hmmmm... wonder if I could find a set on Ebay!

Anonymous said...

Ooops! I forgot to sign my name! The last post is from Kittymama.