Monday, May 23, 2005


Originally uploaded by squeakyweasels.

Meet Nippers, my cell phone cat. Sorry the photo is a bit blurry. You know how it is to try and get pets to sit still for a picture.

I've found she's especially twitchy in the morning before her first cup of coffee.

I started knitting her on Saturday at Matilda's school picnic. We spread a blanket out under a tree near the playground equipment so Gertrude could climb and I could lunge into action as soon as she would start to fall.

Let me tell you, knitting a cell phone cover in the form of a cat will make you amazingly popular with all the nine-year-olds. I had several children tell me they wished I was their mom.

I'm enjoying that while it lasts. In just a few years, I bet the very idea of me knitting a cat-shaped cell phone cover in public will make Matilda burst into tears of embarrassment.

I always knew I'd be an embarrassing parent, I just didn't know it would be so much fun!


Frecklehead said...

and we all thought you were kidding when you said you were going to make a cozy for it! :) I LOVE IT!

landismom said...

That is tooo coool! (insert 9 year-old girl voice here)

Of course, Matilda will want you to make her one when she's older. But will it be black with a big red circle-A in the middle?

Mindy said...

Now that is just cool. Way cooler than my clear ipod cover and my naked celphone...