Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Less than an hour yesterday after my rebuke of Burpee's shipping, Gary called to inform me that my plants had been delivered.

I took them out of the box and noted that they all looked exceptionally sturdy and difficult to kill, which is an important consideration in any garden of mine. In fact, considering that they had just traveled across the country packed in cardboard, they came out looking like they could kick the ass of any other plant that so much as glanced at them sideways.

I set the butch plants up by a window in the garage to harden off (which they seemed to think meant something else), and I reassured my tray of wussy, seed-started hot peppers that they were being safely planted on opposite sides of the strip.

Eventually they're all going to end up in the same salsa. I hope they can resolve their differences before then.

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Drama Queen said...

Mmmm...salsa. Damn you! Don't create cravings. I have enough of them on my own. And damn it, the military sent my husband away (only briefly, though) which makes it rather difficult for the pregnant chick to haul the matching 3-year-olds to the store just to buy chips and salsa. This is particularly difficult if the aforementioned pregnant chick has just wrestled the terrifying twins into dreamland.

Blast you!

Side note: you inspired me to actually plant in my garden today.