Friday, May 06, 2005

I would like to make a deal with whatever karmic force is bestowing an endless string of migraines upon me this week:

Please stop. Name your price.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm happy to report that the refinance has evidently gone off without a hitch, saving us a few hundred dollars per month for the next 5,000,000 years, or however long it takes for a loan signed in blood to be paid off. So I've been entertaining myself by seeing how many different ways I can mentally spend that money.

Yes, a wiser person would invest it or save it toward some grander purpose. I am still young and foolish, as I have not yet turned 30. Are you really going to argue with a girl who's riding out her sixth consecutive migraine?

First I'm going to buy a set of sophisticated patio furniture. It will probably involve wrought iron and perhaps a mosaic table top. If I'm feeling fancy, we'll get the swivel chairs.

Then, of course, we'll have to buy a new grill for all the outdoor entertaining we'll be doing, and because, quite frankly, Gary's ribs deserve better.

And to keep the kids occupied while we're grilling and entertaining on the patio (with wine!), we'll need a sturdy swing set and perhaps a tree fort.

Since this means the kids will never want to come inside, we'll also start construction on the new deluxe double-paned glass doors that will be conveniently installed on the yard-facing side of the house. This way they can defy me in full view, and I can continue to drink wine in the air conditioning.

While reclining on a new velvet chaise lounge. Or something. Wow, my head hurts!


skywind8 said...

Some notes on migraines:

You can get rebound headaches from overusing migraine medications. Sometimes this is also tied to caffeine addiction/withdrawal cycles.

There are also cluster headaches, which while more common in men, do occur in women; these typically last only a few hours at time, but hit several times in a row. Cluster headaches can be ended with medical oxygen, which doesn't cause rebound.

Some foods/allergies can trigger migraines. Monosodium glutimate (a common additive) is a frequent culprit; eliminating it from your diet may reduce the migraines. Read the ingredient list on anything you eat for a while. Chocolate and wheat are also sometimes responsible.

There's also a type of tension headache that cramps down around a nerve in the back of the neck, causing nerve pain that jumps to the forehead; these can cause chronic daily headaches. They're not officially a migraine because they're outside the skull, not inside it, but they have similar symptoms. And they don't respond very well to standard migraine meds. There are different treatments available for them.

Migraines totally suck. I hope something I shared will help you reduce yours!

Anonymous said...

What they said. Or it could just be stress. How about a pool?

Gary said...

Yay! The blisters on my ribs just healed from last summer. Do you have any idea how hard it is to lay on that tiny grill.

I can safely vouch for the fact that her head issues aren't from medication rebound. The medication makes her worse than the headaches themselves. Since we've kept track of what could have been triggering it, and trying to figure out what is different this week than last or the week before, I can see why she's frustrated.

Personally I think it's the fifth of Jack she downs in the morning. If you don't keep that evened out during the day, the shakes hit and you just feel like smacking down whoever comes by.

Aunt Murry said...

I don't know what it was about last week beit the weather or somic forces but every person I know with migraines including myself had an endless string. Mine lasted from Friday to Thursday and I did the big Happy Dance on Friday when they were gone.

Kevin Jackson said...

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Anonymous said...

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