Friday, February 04, 2005

On health, hygiene, and other frightful topics… The link Anon posted below bears reposting: Think twice before reusing that plastic water bottle!

By all accounts, I should be dead.

Maybe my New Year's Resolution to Eat More Fruit is keeping the bacteria at bay. For now.

Regardless, I've added plastic water bottle reuse to this list:

The Great-Big List of Things
Squeaky Weasel Has Been Propagandized Out of Ever Doing, Volume I
(A Random Sampling)

28. Eating beef
2. Prolonged tampon use
14. Donating to the March of Dimes
12. Wearing copper jewelry
189. Wiping counters with sponges
47. Leaving contacts in overnight
88. Taking aspirin on an empty stomach
299. Receiving a foot massage during the later stages of pregnancy
60. Clashing patterns
8. Cleaning the bathroom with the door closed
365. Giving honey to babies and young children
44. Touching public toilets
217. Eating more than one type of starchy food in the same meal
153. Wearing underpants made of synthetic fibers
71. Looking directly at a running microwave oven

Lest you get the wrong idea about me (if the incessant list-making on this site hasn't already done that), let me assure you that I do abide by the 3-second rule for certain foods, and my cat has occasionally licked her own girl parts while sitting on my lap.


Anonymous said...

3 seconds!!! I thought it was 5 seconds! ACK! Say goodbye to me now, I guess. However my kids use the cheerio infinity rule for what they find under the coffee table and they seem fine.


Drama Queen said...

Wait. Wait. Wait. Why not donate to the MOD?

Squeaky Weasel said...

That MOD mention is an old throwback to growing up Catholic. We were told not to have anything to do with them because they associated with abortion clinics, or something sinister like that. Since I started making up my own mind, I actually have donated to the MOD... and even helped organize a Walk America team. So never mind about that one. Time to update the list.