Monday, February 21, 2005

This time we’re trying something a little different in the garden (and by “garden” I mean the strip of exposed dirt along my fence line in which I attempted to grow tomatoes last year).

Instead of coaxing little tomato plants out of improbable little seeds in improper lighting on the window sill of my bedroom (last year’s approach), I’ve purchased some plants from Burpee. They promise to ship me healthy, happy plants just in time for Spring planting.

I’m more excited about it than I probably have a right to be.

On the offside chance that these happy little plants aren’t eaten by the dog within their first fifteen minutes of life in my garden, here’s what I’m looking forward to installing:

Burpee’s Tomato Hall of Fame

Sweet Pepper Collection

Blue Lake Pole Beans

And of course, the Hot Pepper Mix which I will lovingly grow so Gary can transform these various peppers into his own curiously wonderful blends of chili powders.

I’m sure it wouldn’t betray any confidence to tell you that if you enter BP53 at checkout you’ll save yourself five bucks. And spending more than $25 earns you a free packet of mystery seeds!

Life is good in the garden until everything fails.


Poppymom said...

Watch out for those mystery seeds. My in-laws use them, and one year they sent me a 45-pound squash that looked like an alien pod person. I mean, really. How much alien pod person can one person eat?

Aunt Murry said...

Oh how I miss my garden, at my house, that is 200 miles away. I guess it's no longer mine as it has been sold.

Rebecca said...

Be careful. We planted a a tomato plant last year and by the end of summer, we had 5. I'm not kidding, we had enough tomatoes to feed the neighborhood. Of course everything else we planted died.