Sunday, February 27, 2005

This is me paying bills. I think I have ADHD.

Sit down at computer. Survey the situation. Realize the pile of bills is sitting across the kitchen on the counter. Get up, get bill pile.

Sit down at computer. Launch Money program. Tap fingers waiting for program to load. Glance out window and realize Sunday paper is here! Coax dog to fetch paper.

Sit down at computer. Good, program is ready and bills are within reach. Better reconcile receipts to see how much money is available to pay bills! Receipts are in purse. Reach for purse. Oh, forgot to bring in purse from car after grocery store trip this morning.

Walk out to car in garage. Let dog out to pee. Take out trash. Pick up bike helmets and skates. Glance at pile of Freecycle stuff. Realize forgot to reply to Freecyclers offering to come take stuff away!

Sit down at computer. Reply to emails. Hey, there’s pudding in the fridge – and Cool Whip! Get. Eat. Answer more emails. Get up and return to car to actually bring purse inside this time.

Sit down at computer. Get up and let dog back in. Get more pudding out of fridge. Notice leftover chicken still on bones. Decide to make chicken stock so as to feed family economically and retain more money with which to pay bills (related thought! see?!).

Spend rest of afternoon chopping vegetables, boiling chicken bones, and measuring stock into two-cup portions stored in zip-lock freezer bags.

“Are you making soup?” asks Gary, who thought I was paying bills.

“No, I’m paying bills!”

Did I ever let the dog inside…?


red fish said...

I am the same way. In fact, the last 24 hours have been worse than usual. Check out my post today.It is probably best that my husband is the one who pays the bills.

quantumtea said...

After a good week of active bill-paying-avoidance, I moan and complain, grit my teeth and write checks as fast as possible to get it over, then forget to mail the stupid envelopes.

Rebecca said...

::nods head understanding all too well...::

Drama Queen said...

Oh my word! This is me. I insist I have cleaning ADD because I'll start one project, then remember another and start that. But that one will remind me of something else, so I'll do that. Then I'll remember the first project and start on that one for a few minutes before I move on to another one.

Yeah, I understand.

Oh look a chicken!